Botero Sculptures in Plaza Botero

Botero Sculpture, Botero woman with fruit, Medellin Colombia,Botero Plaza Medellin,Medellin Colombia, the botero woman

The Woman with Fruit in the Botero Sculpture, Botero Plaza Medellin Colombia.

The Morning in Plaza Botero

The morning before leaving my week in Medellin, Colombia, I made it downtown to Plaza Botero, which is named after famed Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The hoped to visit Museo de Antioquia for art and its accompanying inspiration. My first couple of days in Medellin were spent divided between the malls and and Comuna Trece, one of the most devastated and violent sections of Medellin about seven years ago. The malls were surprisingly pleasant and Comuna Trece inspiring (I will write more about this in a future article) but I wanted some history and art and I wanted to feel Colombia beneath my feet — something that malls never do.

By the time I arrived at Botero Plaza, with limited time, I opted for a lengthy stroll around the sculpture garden. Botero’s bronzes are everywhere — and so are the gift shops featuring his work. So were gardeners beautifying the area. The street was alive with fruit peddlers of all sorts, bananas and pineapples were in season. So were guys who sold shade hats and flapping paper birds, all ready with the right price. Below are a few of my favorite photos from my morning in Medellin.

Botero Plaza in Photos

Written and photographed by Devin Galaudet

Botero Sculpture, Botero with Devin, Medellin Colombia,Botero Plaza Medellin,Medellin Colombia,Devin GalaudetDevin Galaudet is the Editor of In The Know Traveler, an online travel magazine dedicated to international travel and cultural exchange. He also shares his insider information as a working travel writer on his personal blog Travel. Write. Live.. Before travel, he has survived careers in antiques, construction, film and professional card playing. When Devin is not traveling or writing, he lives in Los Angeles with his pixie-like teenaged daughter and his compulsive book buying habit.