Water Deprived Villages in Cambodia


A few years Christine and I traveled through Southeast Asia and met a very compassionate man, Nu Tarth. On our return we posted a story on In The Know Traveler about how he survived the genocide of the 70's "Killing Fields" to start the Angkor Charity Organization, a non-profit devoted to providing clean water and schools. We were so inspired by his work that along with friends, family, and co-workers, we pooled our funds several times to drill wells.

Cambodia Lacks Clean Water

The World Health Organization reports that today 35% of the Cambodian population lacks access to clean water, and UN projections indicate that in 2015 more than 600 million people worldwide will continue to use unimproved water sources. Cambodia ranks among the poorest countries in the global community and this project provides a life giving resource to help stop suffering and death from preventable water borne disease. This year the ALO Cultural Foundation, a U.S. registered 501(c), will partner with this in-country resource to drill wells for those surviving on filthy surface water.

The Buddha was once asked to name the key to happiness. He pondered a moment and replied "If you want to be truly happy, practice compassion". Take a moment to view the ACF web presence, navigate to the donation page, and practice your compassion. For Steve’s original story, Compassion in Cambodia by Drilling a Well

Help Cambodia

For ways to donate please visit http://www.causes.com/ALOFoundation

Steve Smith and Christine Johnson

Steve Smith inherited the wanderlust and has always needed to see what's around the next corner. Together with his wife and co-pilot Christine Johnson, their college days were spent enjoying many memorable (and cheap) forays into Mexico sleeping under the stars. Today these excursions are typically press trips and hotels, but gathering unique experiences by getting to know places and people rather than observing as tourists is still their approach to travel. After numerous journeys to North/Latin/South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, they believe this is the true way to experience different cultures.