Are you susceptible to cabin fever? Do you go stark raving mad in claustrophobic spaces? Then maybe these cubicles aren't for you.

But if this is not a problem then check out the new trend for "cheap sleeps" in the center of some of the world’s most expensive cities, called – very descriptively – "Pod" hotels. These take advantage of the need by traveler's for stylish, clean, functional, and inexpensive accommodations by sacrificing square footage for lower prices. For instance, often visitors find bunk beds lining one wall and the bathroom is postage stamp-sized, or maybe even shared. However, these are not hostel quality accommodations. They're intended to suit a budget conscious guest who typically spends the majority of their time outside the room.

There are "Pods" popping up in London, New York, and other major cities. Many travelers have told me that they lack suitcase storage and the beds are too narrow for couples. Others say, consider the positive side – you get to sleep comfortably for as low as $50 and they include some of the latest in high-tech extras – WiFi connectivity, 15" LCD cable televisions, and iPod docking stations.

I think I'll try one next time I have a long layover between international flights. It beats tying luggage to my leg and sleeping on an airport bench.

Written by Steve Smith and Christine Johnson

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