The City of Quito has made it to the second round of the New "7 Wonders of the World Cities" competition and is now part of 303 cities that were selected from an initial 1,200  list. Whether you have visited recently or in the past, Quito has plenty of reasons to be one the New 7 Wonders Cities!

Quito shines for many reasons:

  1. Quito's Historic Center, the largest and best preserved in the Americas, is an exquisite receptacle of culture and art. UNESCO named it a "gem of human creative genius" for its magnificent monumental architecture and countless landmark sites.
  2. Quito is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and gullies, a challenge for the creative mind who dreamed of this corner of the world as the ideal setting to raise temples, monasteries, and museums that guard breathtaking colonial treasures.
  3. Quito was declared the First UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1978, universally recognizing the city "as a harmonious and sui generis ensemble, where the acts of man and nature have come together to create a transcendental work, unique in its category".
  4. La Mariscal is Quito's entertainment hub, a melting pot of languages, cultures and passports. People from all over the world gather to experience music, dance, entertainment and night life at this meeting point and apex of the modern city.
  5. Adventure, leisure, culture, cuisine and folk traditions are the essence of the 33 magical villages just outside Quito. Rural life is still very much present and alive in this multicultural and colorful city.
  6. Within the suburban limits of the Metropolitan District of Quito find over 400 rose varieties, all along the imposing "Avenue of the Volcanoes". The length of their stems, their petals and vivacity of their colors captivate the exes of experts and the most demanding importers, who have listed Ecuadorian roses as the best and most beautiful in the world.
  7. From the popular Chimbacalle neighborhood begins the journey of "the most challenging railway in the world", which has now become a heritage train taking you across the history of a country, joining the Coast and the Andes mountains through an impressive work of early-twentieth-century engineering. Today you can travel on the train and admire spectacular Andean and Coastal landscapes.
  8. Relax and engage in extreme adventure along the Avenue of the Volcanoes, amidst the majestic scenery of the Andes, with imposing mountains and soothing hot springs that nature generously bestows.

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