Spanish Lookout Caye, Belize, February 28, 2006 "“ With its barrier reef stretching over 180 miles along the mainland, Belize is renowned by divers, snorkelers and marine enthusiasts looking for endless aquatic adventure. The development of Belize's newest attraction, Hugh Parkey Belize Adventures' "Dolphin Experience" offers visitors to this Central American country the thrilling opportunity to interact closely with friendly and lovable dolphins in Belize's unspoiled marine playground.

Hugh Parkey Belize Adventures, a tour operator that specializes in offering unique Belize adventures, introduces its new "Dolphin Experience" excursion to bring travelers face-to-face with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins born under human care in their natural habitat. Residing in Belize's tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea at the remote island of Spanish Lookout Caye, the dolphins are expertly trained and welcoming to visitors. For the first time ever in Belize, participants can get in the water alongside the dolphins and delight in the animals' sociable behavior while watching trained behaviors and taking part in hands-on interaction.

Designed to promote a fun, safe and educational interface with these gentle creatures, dolphin encounters are available to all interested animal lovers regardless of age or swimming capabilities. Since participants are only required to wade in waist-deep water, this excursion is an ideal activity for anyone looking for an unforgettable and tame animal adventure, including small children and senior travelers. Participants under 6 years old, however, must make arrangements in advance.

Developed to encourage conservation of Belize's precious marine ecosystem, the "Dolphin Experience" tour focuses entirely on the welfare of the resident dolphins. Before entering the water, all participants are educated on the natural history, physiology and proper care of the animals as well as briefed on marine conservation issues. While in the water, guides ensure that participants adhere to strict guidelines that promote a safe and enjoyable experience.

The cost for an up-close dolphin encounter is $100 per person and can be combined with a number of other exciting marine excursions offered by Hugh Parkey Belize Adventures, including snorkeling along the barrier reef or even sea kayaking around natural mangroves. Since 1995, Hugh Parkey Belize Adventures has been offering unforgettable marine activities and inland adventures in Belize. For more information on the new "Dolphin Experience," visit or call + (501) 223-4526.

About Belize
Snuggled between Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south, relaxed, English-speaking Belize is only a two-hour plane ride from the continental United States. Adventure into a land rich in natural beauty and steeped in the magic of its Maya past. Renowned for pristine waters, exotic marine and wildlife, lush unspoiled landscapes, and superb diving, Belize is Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret. For more information on Belize and accommodations, activities and tours, please visit or call 1-800-624-0686.

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