Trying out the E-EZY Selfie Stick/Monopod

E-EZY Selfie Stick:Monopod

The Pitch

The "Newest selfie stick – with Audio Cable connectivity requires no charging or Bluetooth connectivity. It’s easy to set up so you can enjoy the freedom and practicality of the NEW EEZ-Y Selfie Stick. It is compatible with Apple iPhone 6Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 with iOS version ≥iOS5.0 and Samsung, LG, Sony Smartphones with Android version ≥4.2.2." "“ The Manufacturer

My First Impression

When I opened the package with the E-EZY it exceeded my initial expectations. Made from solid ABS thermoplastic with a sturdy metal shaft, it's built to endure the rigors of travel.
Unfortunately, my first attempt to use it failed. When plugged into a Motorola Droid Mini, the shutter needed manual operation. After multiple setting changes, I got the same results. My e-mail inquiries to the manufacturer informed me this is a known issue being worked on. Fortunately, subsequent attempts with an iPhone 5/6 worked perfectly.

My Traveler's Impression

For me, the acid test was having E-EZY work with my full size Digital SLR cameras. I was initially attracted to this product because the multi-purpose advertising lists it as both a selfie stick and monopod. When traveling, I prefer packing high quality optics and carting around a full size tripod is a hassle. The E-EZY in its monopod configuration allowed me to capture long exposure images in low-light situations, and although a bit unwieldy with proper care it's doable.


The E-EZY Selfie Stick/Monopod is available from Amazon at $22.95 + shipping (3/2015).

My Final Impression

Two major pluses are the weight and size. It is perfect for traveling light at only 5oz with a collapsed wand less than 9 inches long. Although it doesn't replace a tripod, it simulates one and works with Digital SLRs and smart phones. All in all, the price point on this product makes it something to consider if you're a traveler in need of a lightweight monopod who enjoys selfie fun, too.

Our ITKT writer

Steve Smith