Love Triumphant by Tomas MuscionicoIt is not often when I am left at a loss for words. However when called upon to deliver a summation of my weekend in Vegas, right while flying to my next destination the Keys, I privy to the age old adage, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Now of course that's not my job. My job is to bring every little amazing detail and nuance of the KA show at the MGM Grand. You want to know what all the hype is about, right? Why everyone leaves the show moved and transfixed; instead of screaming the shows accolades, everyone files out with a uniform illumination radiating from their persons.

Yet, despite basking in a subtle afterglow, they still seem reluctant to discuss the show's details other than to say, "You just need to see it", eyes glazed and presented with a subtle smirk. I understand this. Up until a few weeks ago, I too, was on the outside. Questions unanswered, receiving only a smile and nod, delivered with the statement "Go east young man, go east. Well at least far enough east to get to the Vegas".

Now having experienced the KA show first hand, I am still reeling. I also realize something, I don't want to tell you either! I don't want to tell you how the show, presents itself in a manner most uncommon. No need for me for me to speak on KA's ability to tamper with your perception of depth and space. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say, only those old enough to have enjoyed the 60's and 70's, have any similar background to use as a basis for the reality warping powers presented by this new Cirque du Soleil show.

The KA show is incredible in its ability to present itself as both theatre and a compelling performance arts piece. Though, I shudder to reveal information, I am not heartless, and I understand that one might question why they too, should join the chosen in Vegas. Let this insight into the performances of the cast become your siren song to the MGM Grand.

When there was an attack occurring to the heroes in the KA world, my body winced on instinct; I was there taking the blows portrayed by the leads. Watching the mast come apart while leading the heroes away from the fray, made my heart jump, I wanted to reach out to help them, as their vessel turned topsy-turvy.

What a loss to see this occur! These were my people, these were my shipmates, and when the pitching of the sinking ship cause your sea mates to be cast out into the sea, my mind raced to figure out a way to…do something?! Didn't I know what to do in those instances? Hadn't I seen enough and been exposed to enough media to have an answer to watching everyone being cast asunder to Neptune's domain?

Then as the room went fully dark, I regained my composure. I realized I was not on board the ship, but merely at the Mercy of the MGM Grand and its uncanny new Cirque Du Soleil show, KA. The fuzziness finally subsides in this moment. I struggled to adjust to the info my senses fed upon, persuading my body and mind to believe I was part of a magical adventure in a far away land. I turned to my compatriot to lock eyes and regain a foothold in the terra firma. All is right in the world again; I was in Vegas simply seeing a ….wait! What was that?! Splash!

There amongst the darkness of the stage shines a single spotlight, in that instance my heart was wrenched apart once more. Tears welled in my eyes and pierced the shadows seeing the silhouettes of my crew members. All of them dropping faster, further and deeper into the abyss.

God, why can't I swim faster! Which way to go? Who to save first, all the while, my lungs were burning from the seawater and the lack of oxygen present in my system.
First things first, I took a deep breath and then realize… KA has pulled me back in!

There are no words to describe the KA show my friend. I am merely a messenger stating words as all great truths' are told, quietly and simply.

Go to the MGM Grand, see the Cirque du Soleil, and marvel @ the power that is KA!

Written by Neftalie Williams
Photo by Tomas Muscionico

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