Even though he is only 42-years-old, I have known him for 100 years — at least that’s how long it has felt. I can attest to the 75 lb. weight loss and the excessive ukulele playing. The family is a gem and ready to head for Queensland with nothing more than a giant suitcase of ukuleles. Okay, so I made that part up.

More importantly, I can guarantee his desire to keep losing weight and will continue that damn ukulele playing during the rain or shine, and will probably sweep the entire island with a rake to keep it clean. He is a good guy and if you don’t already have a someone else to vote for, vote for William. Australia will be proud.

Check out his bizarre video and vote at the link below.

Yes, vote for William here, http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/applicants/watch/XAazAUHu1z8