Hey all,

I know that I have not checked in some time, but that has little to do with having nothing to say. It is actually the opposite. ITKT has been quietly expanding and reorganizing and these changes are beginning to manifest.

Travel. Write. Live. fans should know that my hiatus is almost over. It has been long overdue, there has some directional changes being made and I will start helping folks become better travel writer soon.

However, the biggest news is that ITKT is offering a pre-launch sneak peak to its newest sister publication dedicated the world of best travel photos in the world at http://photo.intheknowtraveler.com. At present we have about 10 countries listed with a mission of offering all 320 countries and cultural destinations as listed by the Traveler’s Century Club. Please do take a look and let us know what you think — but remember, it’s still in development.

We also have several other announcements coming soon.
devin — the Editor-in-Chief of ITKT