Northern Botswana (July 9, 2009) "“ Orient-Express Safaris offer guests meaningful journeys through the history and wildlife of Northern Botswana. The portfolio features three luxury safari camps: Eagle Island Camp in the Okavango Delta, Savute Elephant Camp in the Chobe Desert, and Khwai River Lodge adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve. From learning to communicate with indigenous creatures with a local "animal whisperer," to discovering ancient civilizations with the Orient-Express on-staff environmentalist, Orient-Express Safaris aim to truly provide guests with journeys of a lifetime.

Orient-Express Safaris can arrange for guests to be guided by a professional animal communicator (whisperer), Anna Breytenbach. Breytenbach teaches the fine art of tracking and developing awareness skills and observation techniques to understand the lives of animals. Believing there is a universal language between all species, Breytenbach's guided tours are especially unique because she also teaches her visitors how to communicate with the animals. This lesson in communication provides a memorable expedition as guests learn to use natural intuition to understand an animal's perspective and how people can respond to the animals in a way that they will comprehend.

Environmentalist and safari guide Onx Manga teaches guests about the lives of the Bushmen who lived in the area thousands of years ago. Onx leads guests to view ancient and rare Bushmen paintings and the forest of African Baobabs, showcasing giant upside-down trees which are thousands of years old. Manga also guides guests through villages that are inaccessible to other travelers, discovering ancient civilizations along the way.

A boat trip through the Okavango channels takes guests into the heart of the Delta where travelers are welcomed into a traditional "Noxa Village." Guests will have a first-hand look into the fascinating lives, traditions and struggles of the locals. Fishermen and elders provide a rare insight into their daily lives, sharing their struggles to sustain themselves in such a remote area while maintaining their traditional customs. And the local women proudly demonstrate their beautiful tradition of intricate basket weaving.

About Orient-Express Safaris
Each of the three Orient-Express camps is located in a completely different ecosystem within Northern Botswana, offering visitors an awe-inspiring variety of wildlife experiences. Khwai River Lodge is the only lodge situated in the eastern region of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, regarded by many as one of the best year round game-viewing areas in Botswana. Savute Elephant Camp is in the heart of the Chobe National Park, often referred to as the elephant capital of the world. Eagle Island Camp is hidden from the world, deep within Botswana’s Okavango Delta, surrounded by Illala palms and offering exceptional mammal and birdlife sightings.

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