Hin Daeng & Hin Muang, March, April & Nov. 2006
Extra Indonesia Cruise Sept. 2006
Malaysia Island Discovery Sept & Oct 2006
Phang Nga Bay Adventure Nov. 2006
Andaman Islands Feb. 2007
Unique Dive & Golf Cruise – 2007

Some of these specials are pure dive trips, others are ideal if you would like to bring along your non-diving spouse or partner.

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Hin Daeng & Hin Muang – March & April 2006
Dedicated “Southern Andaman Sea” trips to Hin Daeng (Red Rock) and Hin Muang (Purple Rock). These twin divesites, one covered in red soft coral, the other—you guessed it—in purple, have long been among our favorite dives. The underwater scenery is absolutely stunning with healthy soft coral covering the rock's surface, schools of silversides and surgeon fish and jacks and barracudas on patrol. Hin Daeng is also one of those places in Thailand where dare we say it?—you have a good chance to encounter Mr Big. These cruises include the Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Pi-Pi Islands, Sharkpoint and the King Cruiser wreck.
2006 Cruise Dates:
March 27-6 Apr
April 18-27
Nov 24 – 4 Dec

Extra Indonesia Cruise September 2006
We added an extra departure to our series of summer cruises in North Sulawesi. This is our final season this region other places beckon—so this is your last chance for the dive trip of a lifetime.
2006 Cruise Dates: Sept 6-15

Malaysia Island Discovery Sept & Oct 2006
This very scenic cruise is a personal favorite of Ocean Rover's owner but our busy schedule only permits us two departures this year. Beautiful islands, superb anchorages, deserted beaches, flat calm seas and a variety of activities are what these trips are all about. Diving on surprisingly unspoiled divesites is possible every day. An easygoing cruise, great for families or couples.
2006 Cruise Dates: 27 Sept – 6 Oct & Oct 10-19

Phang Nga Bay Adventure – November 2006
A kayaking and snorkeling cruise (*) that takes you through some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. You may have seen the movies “The Beach”, “The Phantom” or “The Man with the Golden Gun”. This is your chance to see these spectacular islands in real life and up close.
(*) Scuba diving is possible on most days.
2006 Cruise Dates: Nov 13-21 2006

Andaman Islands February 2007
Good news for divers keen to visit this “final frontier”. Until recently, Indian maritime regulations required diveboats to travel back & forth between Phuket and the Andamans for each cruise, thus losing valuable diving days. Now we will be able to station Ocean Rover at Port Blair and our divers fly in via Kolkata (Calcutta) or Chennai (Madras). Expect awesome diving and sights seldom seen by western eyes.
2007 Cruise Dates:
Jan 30 – Feb 9
Feb 11 – Feb 21
Feb 23 – Mar 8

Dive & Golf Cruise summer/fall 2007
A suggestion by one of our regular customers. Two dives every morning, a round of golf in the afternoon, or vice-versa. We start on Singapore's Sentosa Island, work our way north along Malaysia's east coast and finish 9 days later at the Santiburi Country Club on Ko Samui in Thailand. Dive and golf in three different countries. A friendly competition with the winner taking home the Ocean Rover Trophy. If you are a diving golfer (or a golfing diver) let us know if you would join such a cruise. No obligation, we are just gauging interest.

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