Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding - 4

The blazing sun beat down as I tried yet again to adjust my board to a comfortable position with little success. I stumbled over the jutting rocks and felt the heat of the sizzling black sand. The rest of the group were suffering equally as we rounded a corner to begin the steepest part of the climb our feet sinking into the dark earth.

Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

I was at the Cerro Negro a short drive away from the Nicaraguan city of León on a mission to appease my adrenaline cravings with a spot of volcano boarding. Volcano boarding is a fairly new sport which involves willing participants hiking up a volcano and boarding down either standing (snow boarding style) or sitting (tobogan style). Cerro Negro is a relatively new volcano being the youngest in Central America, an area that is abundant with these looming giants. It is also the perfect place to experience this extreme sport. Part if the reason that it is a great spot to try volcano boarding is that there is no vegetation, only clear black slopes of volcanic sand.

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua,As I reached the summit the brutal walk was forgotten. I stood, dripping in sweat and looked out over the Cordillera de Maribios mountain range to a sticking vista of Nicaraguan volcanoes. As I wandered across the sparse plane that was the top of the volcano I could see areas of rising steam reminding me once again that I was standing atop a very active volcano.

I watched those before me ready themselves for the ride. There were tears, panic attacks and a whole lot of stress. It’s a daunting task getting to the business of sliding down a volcano.

Adrenalin and Volcano Boarding

When my time came to don the red jumpsuit and begin my descent I was feeling that familiar pulse of adrenaline. That mix of fear and excitement that I love so much. And there I was, only moments later speeding down the side of the volcano attempting to navigate the bumps and turns as the black sand sprayed my face and body.

Seconds later it was all over, I arrived with a halt at my destination. I was filthy, relieved and elated.
I had stumbled my way up and slid my way down an active volcano and had fortunately lived to tell the tale.

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