Top 10 Reasons to Walk the Camino de Santiago this Fall

10. For your body. Walking is proven to rejigger cholesterol levels and mood, in a good way. So says the Mayo Clinic.

9. For your soul. They say you can get an “indulgence” for making this pilgrimage. I’m not promising time off from purgatory, but I’m just saying.

8. For the food. Including those little green peppers that drive Calvin Trillin wild with desire. They’re called pimientos de Padrón and we’ll be eating them at the source.

7. For the drink. There are delicate ciders for starters, and minerally white wines, and then there’s la queimada, one crazy firewater.

6. For The Girls. 5% of your Camino trip fee goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® – they’re dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime.

5. For some magic. The mystical relics of St. James lie in Santiago de Compostela. But the Gallegos believe in hadas, woodland fairies who work magic along the route.

4. To follow in famous footsteps. St. Francis of Assisi, Shirley Maclain, Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson. What more do you want for company?

3. To be a scout. Though we’ve been planning this thing for almost a year, I’ll admit it straight out: this is an experiment for us, an exploration, an adventure.

2. To save some dough. A once-in-a-business-plan chance to take a tour priced for the fun of it, not for the profits.

1. All this will never be easier. A great trip: walking and eating, country inns, a friendly guide (that’s me). And the planning? Done. All you have to do is book a plane ticket and meet us there!

On the Camino de Santiago
September 20-27, 2009
$1950 per person, double occupancy