I woke up this morning in the Cook Islands excited to spend the day exploring. But instead of sunny skies and warm island breezes, I was greeted with torrents of rain and and chilly temps. I was sure that meant no chance of hitting the beach, let alone enjoying my first shallow dive. The water would be too rough or too cloudy, I was sure. Much to my surprise though, it couldn’t have proved to be any better had the sun been shining and the island paths been clear of rain.

I went diving with The Dive Center where they offer a shallow lagoon dive where no SCUBA certification is required. I am a beginner and a scaredy cat. But I had the most amazing time. I received an hour long training and then hit the water. My guide led me by the hand and I saw all kinds of colorful fish, a moray eel, and even an octopus! It was so amazing…that I’m going back for more tomorrow!