What more could anyone ask for? You eat some of the best beef in the world for your main course every day.  During your time off work, or during a leisurely stroll along the “Rambla” in Montevideo, you drink the best mate in South America.  And when you are full of these two gems you drink some of the best water in the world (apparently this is one of Uruguay’s main resources – the natural abundance of water below her lands).

Sounds nice, and I have to agree that the mate here IS the best I have experienced.  I understand now why the Uruguayans don’t use all of the sugar that many Argentines do in their mates.  But I am not much for deciding between waters – when back in California I drink the tap water as easily as I do Evian or some other bottled and branded water.  Although I can tell the difference between Californians water and water in a few parts of Mexico because of the, um, missions to the restroom.

But the beef here – this is of utter importance clearly.  I loved the steaks, bife de chorizo, that I completely destroyed when traveling through parts of Argentina. And upon hearing that Uruguay was on the same, if not higher, level of steak quality my mouth has already directed me to a few places in town.

I haven’t found it yet though.  Sure, I have tasted some good meat here.  But nothing like the steak I had in Salta, Argentina, for example.  I went to the same restaurant three consecutive nights  and asked the mesero to serve it up more rare each night. On the third night, I actually experienced the meat melting in my mouth – so soft, so juicy, so unbelievably enjoyable (with a glass of wine…all for under eight dollars).

I am still on the path to finding this here, but I have been disappointed two times thus far.  I will find it though, or not.  And either way I will report the truth…my truth at least…hasta la carne mejor de Uruguay…