How did I get here, I walked down a lonely, rainy hill toward my room — a place so far removed from anything that I could be scarcely be missed if I were to be swallowed by the night. I whistled the whole way to my room. I also wondered, how did I get so far from civilization?

First I left San Jose, Costa Rica, on one of those 20-seat, puddle jumpers with propellors. Then, I landed in Drake’s Bay before moving on to a second flight to Golfino. Then there was a high speed boat across the bay to Puerto Jiminez where I then boarded a jeep for a 45-minute ride on unpaved roads and through swollen streams, which included stopping to see a family of endangered macaws. I arrived at an eco-lodge named, Lago Rios.

Later, I walked toward my room, tired and joyed, wondering if the jaguars and poisonous snakes of the Costa Rican jungle might be inches from me, while I continued to whistle in the dark.