Sensation Vin is the only tasting space in Beaune where it is possible to take wine tasting classes without an appointment.

Former participants say the classes are both fun and informative. "Fun" because each tasting is a real pleasure and "informative" because you learn so much about Burgundy during the course.

The "Essential 6 wines" are adapted to each person who wants to know more about Burgundy wines (also available for 2 hours with 12 wines).

For those who want a more comprehensive class, "Sensation Vin" offers two and a half hour classes on Saturday and Sunday. These classes allow participants to get into wine tasting on a deeper level through exercises on flavors and aromas and tastings of outstanding and classic wines.

Two tasting rooms are available at Sensation Vin. The first is a modern room with all the equipment needed for professional tastings such as the glasses, the table and particular lights.

The second is located in the wine cellar for a more traditional tasting and understanding of this strong link between the earth and Burgundy wines.

Example of tasting menus:

White wines: Bourgogne 2004 & Saint Aubin 1er cru Les Combes 2005
Red wines: Beaune Clos des Mariages 2005 & Volnay 2003

12 euros per person.

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