If there is one place that has particular exotic allure it’s Mongolia. I suppose the juxtaposition of land-grabbing Genghis Khan his merry band of plunderers and the joyful serenity of Mongolian families relaxing by the summer yurt

Lucky for me, tonight I had the rare fortune of running into a newly transplanted, and perhaps a little homesick student in Los Angeles. She has only been in Los Angeles for seven month and I can only imagine the wild culture shock. I want to thank Baljinnyam Narantsatsral of Mongolia for offering the following tips to travelers that are a must see and do when traveling to Mongolia.

See the nomads

There still are people that roam the countryside as a way of life. Approximately 40% still do.

Expect to be in nature
Baljinnyam is not alone. Most consider Mongolia one of the last truly unspoiled countries in Asia, and the world.

Visit the Gobi Desert
This is a cold desert and the forth largest in the world, and the largest in all of all Asia.

For the record, Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, has the coldest year-round temperature of any country in the world at 29.7°F.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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