Every African National Park is full of surprises. On one inconspicuous morning in South Luangwa I got out of my car to photograph some rare to the area lovebirds only to find out a pride of lions was killing a buffalo only a few hundred meters away.

The pride was young and strong. It tore into the still-alive buffalo eating it out through every hole they could get their fangs into, until the victim finally expired from bleeding or shock after at least half an hour of agony. It could have been finished off earlier, but the young leader of the pride kept getting distracted from suffocating the prey almost lovingly licking the blood off its nose. The heart-wrenching moans of the buffalo twisted my insides. It was quite an awakening sight. Watching the lions I felt like such a vulture "“ “feeding” off the lions’ kill.” I can’t look at this,” I said to my travel companions, never taking my eye off the viewfinder. “You don’t have to look. Just shoot,” they replied.