Alas, internet access is not always free in major international airports. In particular, I recently traveled through Hong Kong International. They offer good coverage, but you have to pay for it at the rate of $40 HK dollars/hour. It is not an enormous expense, but when you can get it free at so many other major international “business” airports, what gives?

In comparison, Kuala Lumpur International Airport is totally free. Hmmm… which airport will I choose to route through next time I come to Asia?

Yes, internet access costs money. Yes, there are a LOT of users at major international terminals such as JFK, LGA and LAX. However, this is a value-added benefit that enhances business travel and ultimately, international trade. Maybe this a personal beef, but I would like to see global companies and international entities starting to take the high road and look forward to tomorrow, instead of trying to only appease shareholders today with minimal expenses like broadband access.

It is a small expense to offer travelers free access to the internet, hugely outweighed by the benefits.