Author: Matt Scott

Christmas in Cardiff, Wales

Every winter, the lawn outside Cardiff's City Hall is transformed into a large ice rink as part of the city's “Winter Wonderland.” Children and adults alike can skate to the sounds of DJs and live bands,...

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The Center of the Earth, Quito

Standing 20KM north of Quito the Mitad del Mundo is a thirty-meter tall, stone clad monument, topped by a 4.5-meter diameter globe weighing five tonnes. A white line, representing the Equator line runs through the monument and...

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Paris on Two Wheels

Revolution 1789: Blood, gore, horrible. Louis XVI execution: Dull blade; lots of pain. Marie Antoinette: More blood- dude tries to collect blood (and maybe head) as souvenir. Napoleon: more violence, lots of wars, blood and gore.

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The Empire of the Dead

'Stop, here is the Empire of the Dead'. A sign warns as you enter the chamber. If you dare pass, as your eyes adjust to the light you might notice the rippling of the walls to the left and right. It is only as you become...

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