In the summer of 2020, my crew got a call late at night to pack our bags and head to Corpus Christi, Texas. Hurricane Hanna was headed for South Texas. As a traveling lineman for over ten years, I knew what this meant for our team and what it meant for the locals. Power lines were decimated, hundreds of communities would be without power and it would be our job to get things back to normal as soon as possible. For the next week my team spent early mornings and late nights repairing transmission lines in the Corpus Christi area.

Flash forward to his past fall, when I had the chance to return to Corpus Christi for a vacation, I was a bit unsure what to expect. I was incredibly impressed to see how strong the community as well as the tourist attractions had rebuilt and recovered. I had the privilege of getting to explore, fish and relax all around Corpus Christi Bay.

Cole Park Pier, Corpus Christie

One of the most enjoyable spots to enjoy the south Texas Bay is Cole Pier Park. As I walked down the pier I thought about the resilience of this part of the world. For years they had been beaten down and battered by tropical storms and hurricanes yet they have always seemed to recovery. Enjoying a beer with some of the locals I had to think much of this is due to their humble and hardworking nature. With a unique blend of Tex-Mex and broader Latin American roots this is a Texas I had not yet experienced. Sandi’s Diner is a local spot a bit off the beaten path and you cannot go wrong with their recommendation of a warm cinnamon roll.

Strolling down the pier, I got a feel for what a lazy Thursday evening was like during the offseason. Padre Island is only hour or so from Corpus Christi and the ramp up for tourism activity is substantial. If you are interested in getting the authentic local taste of the South Gulf Coast I would highly recommend visiting in August or September when the temperature drops a bit.

Fishing in the Gulf

One of my most memorable excursions from the Corpus Christi area was gulf fishing. I elected to purchase a package with Southbound Fishing Charters and would highly recommend. The staff was professional, and the team made sure I had an amazing experience.

While an experienced fisherman I embarrassed myself with the lack of understanding on how fishing is down in the south gulf. The bait and tackle often include shrimp and fish guts. The prized possessions are redfish, pompano, and Spanish mackerel.

When considering a chartered fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico, be sure to let your guide know how seriously you want to go for big game sport versus just catching anything. There is an interesting dynamic where the guides know the spots to catch some red snappers within minutes but in order to go for a king mackerel, this can mean hours of not a lot of action. I chose the latter and unfortunately struck out. However, Jason, our generous guide was sure to make sure I left with a couple of snappers.

Mustang Island State Park

A final beautiful must see for the Corpus Christi region is Mustang Island State Park. The landscape is located south of the city and covers 3,954 acres and has a 5-mile beachfront. Across the beachfront there are occasional fishing piers spread throughout the beach front, however several miles of the state park are strictly for wildlife preservation.

Corpus Christi

I enjoyed an early morning walk along some of these boardwalks. There is an interesting combination of pure sand beaches but also marshes where the reeds and vegetation thickly blend with the foot deep water. If you are looking for friendly locals, a welcoming sunrise and delicious seafood, then Corpus Christi deserves to be on your list.

Written by: Noah Stoll

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Noah is an experienced travel journeymen lineman passionate about travel and the future of the Line trade and promoting travel lineman jobs. He has lived in Texas, Nebraska, California, Alabama, and Florida. He currently writes for Lineman Central –


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