September 21-30
This is an international festival of baroque music, taking place in the baroque town of Varazdin and its environs (including nearby castles). Many renowned performers from Croatia and abroad take part in concerts happening daily in different locations. The festival also offers performances of other classical non-baroque music. This year's festival is being organized in cooperation with 6 European countries, where some of performances are to be held.

September 7-16
This is the best known festival featuring original Croatian folklore. It's been held since 1966. It's central event is a competition of top culture and art societies from Croatia and Croatian emigrant communities. Events feature original folklore music, dances and customs performed daily in the town of Vinkovci, located in the region of Slavonia.

September 1-30
This international theatre festival is traditionally held in Zagreb every year. It offers many alternative performances, celebrating modern creativity. Mostly European and Croatian theatre groups take part in it, but guests from other continents as well.

September 17 "“ October 7
"Wellness 4 Life Retreats" are 3 week all inclusive packages offered by Canada based company with the same name. Their program includes wellness packed activities with intention to "awaken every cell in your body". Locations are world renown city of Dubrovnik and Bjelolasica, Croatian Olympic Center in Gorski Kotar region. Wellness treatments, balanced menu, various sport activities and exercise, organized sightseeing "“ all is planned for these 3 weeks of active vacation.

September 15 – 22
Split Film Festival is an international film, video and new media festival, taking place in Split. The organizers encourage new authors with alternative, out-of-main-stream works, to take part in the festival. Screenings, installations, performances, internet projects, retrospectives and workshops are taking place daily in this city famous for its Dioclecian Palace and rich history dating back to Roman times.

Zagreb, September 4 "“ October 21
"Dalmatinska Zagora "“ Unknown Land" is the name of the exhibition taking
place in popular Zagreb gallery "Klovicevi Dvori". This exhibition is dedicated to less known inland area, just behind the Dalmatian coast called Zagora with accent on its history, culture and art. Almost 3 thousand exhibits will bring this region, situated at the crossroads of cultures, closer to visitors.

Dubrovnik, September 5-16
This September, Dubrovnik will be a host to 7th Festival of Chamber music called "Julian Rachlin & Friends". This Austrian violin virtuoso is known as the most charismatic and innovative violinist of his generation. This year's guests will include London Symphony Orchestra among others and performances will take place in Dubrovnik Rector's Palace.

A new national Institute and Museum of underwater archeology, as well as restoration center has recently opened in north Dalmatian city of Zadar. The Museum will hold the biggest collection of Roman and Antique glass objects of art. It's worth mentioning that Adriatic Sea has a great number (around 4000) of pontential underwater excavation sites, dating back to Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine times. UNESCO is supporting the project of underwater excavations in the Adriatic.
Zadar is very popular as a tourist destination nowadays, especially for its culture and history tourism. Ancient city of Zadar dates back to 9th Century BC, and is one of 2 cities in the whole world that never changed its historical core or location (another one is Damascus in Syria). The entire city was built on bedrock.

Dubrovnik is the most world-renown destination in Croatia. Most of its properties are luxury, and the newest addition is Villa Elite, so far the most expensive high end villa in Dubrovnik. One night stay there has a price of 12,000 Euros. Villa is part of "Importanne Resort" featuring several hotels, all of the 5 star properties. Villa Elite can accommodate up to 12 people and has its own restaurant, indoor pool, private beach, garden, marble terrace, dedicated staff, and is decorated with artworks of famous Croatian painters. Guests will also have a car pool available, featuring Jaguar, Bentley and BMW.

Great news for airline travel. United Airlines has signed codes hare agreement with Croatia Airlines. Joint flights with connection in one of European hubs will bring Croatia closer to USA market. Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles with Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. In addition to recently started direct flights from Toronto to Croatian capital Zagreb, this is another improvement that will help increase the number of visitors from this continent to beautiful country of Croatia.

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