Hostels are a beautiful way to get to know a new place.  Most times the owners/workers enjoy sharing views on their respective cities or towns (unlike some of the hotels I have occasionally stayed at).  And they do so without expecting tips as well.

But one of the best feelings while traveling happens when I find a fantastic hostel.  This doesn’t mean it has all the trendiest amenities or styles.  It is due to the people staying in the place, and the general feel of the environment.

Well, after staying in a rented apartment for a few months, then bouncing around to a few friends’ places, I have found a gem of a hostel.  It is in “the more dangerous” part of Montevideo (Ciudad Vieja), but it really isn’t dangerous if you don’t call attention to yourself.  It’s awesomely mellow, feels like a second home, and isn’t too costly either.  If you are ever in town here, and are not looking to bring the party back to your “home”, check out Posada al Sur.

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