“I Am Pride” at West Pride festival


West Pride is a cultural city festival for everyone "“ a place where everyone has the right to be themselves. And be proud of it.

Between May 20 and June 2 Gothenburg will be adorned with the rainbow flag. This year’s campaign message is "I am pride". The message is based on visitor participation to show their pride and thus become part of the festival.

Pride festival highlights criticism on LGBT lives

The festival is highlighting the standard criticism and LGBT persons' lives in an artistic and cultural context. The intention is to visualise a diversity of expression by coordinating and organising art and culture of the highest quality. But also to create meeting places and arenas for knowledge recess, conversation and reflection. Through art and culture, we encourage an open and tolerant social climate in Gothenburg and western Sweden. A climate that counteracts prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Come join the party.

I Am Pride festival Calendar

  • 20 May The rainbow flags are raised and the information centre opens.
  • 24 May Vernissage in the Horticultural Gardens.
  • 25 May The Great Day of Love in the Horticultural Gardens.
  • 29 May The Rainbow Park opens. All festival activities are open; seminars, shows, workshops etc.
  • 2 June Rainbow parade through the city and rainbow show at Liseberg Amusement Park.

    For more info please visit www.westpride.se