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New York is one of my favourite cities. I first visited the city four years ago, and it made a vivid and broad impression on me. I could not get enough of the towering skyscrapers, Times Square, Central Park, and New York-style pizza. Yes, I never knew that I would become so influenced by the taste of the New York pizza that I would find myself comparing those crisp pies with the pizzas that I am going to eat around the world.

Di Fara Pizzeria

I was staying in Brooklyn and had spent three days visiting some of the iconic attractions of the city. I had kept a couple of days to focus on the food part of the city. I already had tried the Bagels, falafel, black and white cookies, and now it was the turn to try the world-famous New York pizza. On the last day of my stay in the city, I decided to eat at this well-renowned pizza joint. I reached the restaurant at sharp 1 pm (the opening time), thinking that I will be the first one to be served the hot pizza. But to my surprise, what I saw was a long queue that indicated that I would probably be the fifteenth or seventeenth one to get my Pizza. Cribbing on a mute mode, I joined the line as I knew that this is one of the most popular joints in Brooklyn, plus I did not have time to explore other options.

I was guessing the time when the frontmost person in the line must have reached the restaurant, I heard a male voice behind me, “I think your bracelet has fallen”. I turned back and looked at a middle-aged man, who seemed like a local. I picked my bracelet and thanked him.

I did not expect such a long queue here. Nevertheless, I have to try the Pizza. There is so much hype about it that it now has become like a must-do when in Big Apple. I told the man, who later introduced himself as Noah.

The pizzas here are worth all the hype. “New Yorkers take their Pizza seriously”, Noah said.

Tell me more about it. I was curious to know more now.

The Di Fara Pie

New York-style pizzas usually are found in many big cities across the world, but you have not truly experienced pizza until you have had it in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island. Many Pizzerias in the city make their pies with top-grade ingredients straight from Italy. New York-style Pizza gets its distinguishing crust from the high-gluten bread flour. Minerals present in New York City tap water supply are also helpful in giving the dough in the metro area pizzas their characteristic texture and flavour. There is a saying that the main reason for New York City high-quality Pizza is neither the water nor the ingredients, but rather the ovens (that are often decades old). Noah seemed so happy while saying all this.

Wow, that’s quite a lot of information, I already was so amazed and eagerly waited for my turn now. That moment finally came. I got the honour to taste the world-famous New York Pizza, with the perfect crust crispiness, fresh ingredients, and good taste. The slices were large with a thin crust, which that was foldable yet crispy. It was generously topped with tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese with extra toppings of mushrooms on top of the cheese, just the way I had requested.

After eating up the very first slice of that Pizza, I recollected what Noah had said “Italy may have invented Pizza, but New York City perfected it”.

When you go

I am sure you are keen to know more about the eatery, it is Di Fara Pizza at 1424 Avenue J in Brooklyn. The joint opens at 12 noon, but I suggest you check with them once at +1 718-258-1367.

Written by: Anukrati Dosi

 Anukrati Dosi pictureAnukrati is a travel and hotel blogger and the author of the blog A total hodophile, she spends her free time seeing as much of the world as she can. She has travelled to 10 countries so far. Being an avid reader and researcher, she also designs customized travel itineraries professionally.


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