Washington, D.C., January 2006 — Grandtravel, celebrating 20 years of bringing grandparents and grandchildren together through travel, is offering two tour packages exclusively on its website, www.grandtrvl.com: a weeklong exploration of the world of paleontology in one of the country's richest dinosaur bones domain, the beautiful Grand Valley of western Colorado, is the focus of the seven-day "Dinosaur Discovery," while the 14-day "China–Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" unveils to grandchildren and grandparents the cultural wealth and fascinating diversity of this ancient country. Known for its innovative and educational packages designed specifically for grandparents and grandchildren, Grandtravel has six domestic and eight international packages in its 2006 line-up.

Grandparents and grandchildren work side-by-side, advancing from prospecting to quarrying to laboratory preparation of fossils and spend a day excavating with scientists in the Mygatt-Moore Quarry on Grandtravel's "Dinosaur Discovery," departing June 17-23, 2006. Besides digging for dinosaur bones, the group hikes the "bone yard" at the Split Rock dinosaur area; spends an afternoon with the life-size robotic dinosaurs at the Museum of Western Colorado's Dinosaur Journey Museum; creates casts of dinosaur bones and teeth after touring a professional fossil lab; hunts for plant and animal fossils in the high alpine forest of the Douglas Pass; rafts the Colorado River through Ruby and Horsethief Canyons; hears tales of bygone days, told by a western storyteller; and rides on horseback through a secluded canyon at the edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau. Prices for adult or child ages 12-17, are $2,670 per person, double; children 7 to 11 are $1,895.

Whether it is practicing T’ai Chi Ch’uan, under the supervision of a master, in a Beijing park; flying Chinese kites, along with the locals, at the Temple of Heaven; assisting archaeologists digging for artifacts in ancient royal tombs; or meeting local children and teens through planned activities at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Grandtravelers share in the experience on Grandtravel's "China–Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" package. Shanghai provides afternoon tea in the Hu Xin Tea House, calligraphy lessons and a cruise down the Huangpu River; Beijing — a Beijing Duck dinner and special performance of Journey to the West, a Chinese classical tale.

Natural and man-made marvels are included: the celebrated terra cotta warriors guarding an imperial tomb near Xi’an; the Shanghai Museum’s vast collection of Chinese antiquities and the Children’s Palace, a center of young people’s activities in music, art and sport; the gardens of Suzhou, a World Heritage site; the Forbidden City; and the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. Fares for the June 20-July 3, 2006 trip, adult or child ages 12-17, are $6,280 per person, double, $5,995 triple; children ages 7-11 are $4,980 double and $3,990 triple.

Prices include deluxe or best available accommodations with private bath, most meals, transportation, admission to all scheduled attractions and events, en route activities for children, pre-departure guidance, a professional tour manager, a Grandtravel Activities Director (always an experienced educator or youth counselor), and service charges and hotel taxes.

Grandtravel programs have been developed by a team of teachers, psychologists, leisure counselors and educators, giving special attention to creative activities, access to experiences not available to individual travelers or families, historical sites and natural attractions.

Reservations, information and brochures can be obtained from Grandtravel, 1920 N Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036; phone (800) 247-7651 or (202) 785-9000 X3153; e-mail Grandtravel@aol.com; web site www.grandtrvl.com.