Donated Bird Rescue Vehicle Enroute to Belize:

Follow Journey from California to Casa Avian Support Alliance, LLC, NGO

A newly donated rescue vehicle marked with a red cross is plying the miles from California to Belize to its new home, the Casa Avian Support Alliance, NGO located on the grounds of Casa del Caballo Blanco. Once there, it will assist in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured and illegally captured birds in Belize.

The public is invited to follow the progress of the Isuzu Trooper and its volunteer drivers online. Along with vehicle delivery, the purpose of the trip will be to spread the word and share the mission and goals of the Casa Avian Support Alliance (CASA) as they traverse Mexico enroute to Belize.

The drivers are Paige Bente and Brad Wagner, recent graduates with backgrounds in photography, film and production. They left California on Oct. 25 and expect to arrive in Belize the week of Nov. 18. Their itinerary includes stops at wildlife parks along the route in order to gather data for possible use in CASA. Photos and first person stories about the journey will be available to the online visitor through an interface with Google Maps, tracking their movements via the use of a GPS unit provided by Vance Bente, the owner of Casa del Caballo Blanco LLC host to Casa Avian Support Alliance, LLC, NGO

Sponsors of the trip include: Casa del Caballo Blanco, LLC; Jet Set Energy Drink; and Wayne MFG Co.

Based on the towns, parks and communities they have ear-marked to visit they will be driving south from the U.S.-Mexico border to Guaymas, then following a coastal route to Guadalajara, then over to Mexico City, through Puebla/Cholula, down through Oaxaca, to San Cristobal Las Casas. They will then travel to Villa Hermosa, up to Merida and then to a preserve on the north coast of Yucatan. The final leg will take them south along the coast road to Chetumal and into Belize.

Casa del Caballo Blanco is a six-casita accommodation on 23 scenic hilltop acres near San Ignacio, Belize. It shares space with the avian rehabilitation and release center and offers voluntourism and adventure opportunities on premise and throughout the region.

Concerned travelers now can put words into action by booking a stay and participating in avian rescue and rehabilitation efforts while also enjoying the culture, adventure and tranquility of a vacation in Belize. This is the first avian voluntourism program of its kind in Belize. It has been endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance sustainable Tourism Program, Belize Audubon Society, Friends for Conservation and Development and Birds Without Borders.

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