Should I be excited that I’m living the freedom of navigating by car through the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria, or frightened by this summer’s astronomical gas prices and what it can do to my pocketbook?

Months ago, much like a progeny of Zeus, I mused about this upcoming road trip and the relevancy of this type of travel. I asked, “Will gas prices continue to skyrocket as they have this summer?” However, instead of spiking even higher, I now see them dropping.

Today I’m in Italy for the harvest season and a cutting edge journey that some have coined “Geocache Touring.” This unique tour is organized by Zephyr Adventures, and it uses GPS technology and Portable Video Players to reach the hidden gems that few find on their own. Adventurous spirits and space age technology is guiding my copilot and I to out-of-the-way hill towns, food and culture, while our electronic tour leader Giovanni tells us all about what we’re seeing.

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