A Night View of San Miguel de Allende

Mariachi Madness draws a crowd

Mariachi Madness draws a crowd

12 Days and 11 Nights in San Miguel

After spending 12 days of exploring San Miguel de Allende in the center of Mexico, I never grew tired of this fantastic city’s character and vibe. I was happy to explore and meander the stone streets and have a giant liquado verde, a fresh squeezed and blended drink of orange, cactus, greens and ginger. I would sit in the park and watch the people moving about their lives.

San Miguel de Allende After Dark

However, after dark, families came out along with teams of mariachis and break dancers into the night air. There was something special about the sense of ease that came with just being part of the crowd. Of course, I didn’t only explore the main square. I also walked down uncrowded lonely side streets and enjoyed the wonderful street food enjoyed by locals, expats and visitors alike.

Below are just a handful of my photos from my nightly walks through San Miguel. Please like and share.

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