Next year's International Expo comes to Spain and is an event not to be missed. Expo Zaragoza 2008 opens its doors 14 June-14 September with the theme, "Water and sustainable development": come and discover just how important our planet's natural equilibrium is, through interactive exhibitions, audiovisual shows, and all kinds of games and cultural activities.

If you are interested in the environment and the future of the planet, then you have a vital date next year in Zaragoza, northern Spain. Here we give you just a small taste of the things you can do at Expo Zaragoza 2008. So don’t delay and start preparing your holidays.

One day at the Expo… or more

Expo Zaragoza will be open 10am-3am. Even this long day will seem short with so much to do and see at the International Expo in Zaragoza. This is why there are 3-day passes available too. At the entrance you will be given an information leaflet, very useful for organising your visit. Take your time to explore the pavilions, with their different themes and participants – you will be amazed at their design and content alike. If you are coming with children, then be sure not to miss the River Aquarium: it is Europe‘s biggest, with some 7,000 fish living inside. The kids will love the chance to get a close look at crocodiles, piranhas and other exotic species from the great rivers of the world such as the Nile or the Amazon.

At midday get ready for one of the highlights of the day. This is when the performers of the Cirque du Soleil make their stunning parade around the Expo site. Then head for the balcony stages, where you will find activities and shows for the whole family "“ music, puppets, theatre, clowns… And don’t forget to check the programme of National Days and Gala Days of the participating countries and regions, as there will be a host of activities going on at their pavilions. Expo Night starts at 8pm, with all kinds of different entertainment. It will get underway with the Night Show at the stage on the Ebro River. Does the plan sound good so far? Well there is still more.

Fun and water
If you feel like some fun and relaxation during your visit, then make for the Water Park. It is situated alongside the Expo site and admission is free. Here you will find an extensive recreation area, with gardens and a range of services and facilities. Amongst other things, you can relax in its spa centre, play golf on a 9-hole course, go for a swim at one of the river beaches, try rafting or canoeing in the white water channel, rest and relax amidst the plants in its greenhouse, have fun with the kids at the children’s areas, or try activities such as archery and horse riding. What is more, you can go back into the Expo whenever you like, as access is valid all day with the same ticket.

Where to eat?
When it’s time to eat, head for the Autonomous Regions building and you will have the chance to enjoy all the variety of Spanish gastronomy. On the terrace of this pavilion, each Spanish Region will have its own area to prepare speciality dishes, although the eating area is all together. This means that if you come in a group or with friends and decide to share a meal, you will all be able to sample the variety of typical cuisine from Spain. You will also find other restaurants around the Expo site and on the top two floors of the Water Tower, which also offer stunning views of Zaragoza.

Destination Zaragoza: no problem
Zaragoza is about 300 kilometres from cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. Its international airport (just nine kilometres from the centre) has flights from the main European cities, while from Madrid it only takes an hour and a half on the AVE high speed train, arriving at Zaragoza Delicias station. From here it is only 700 metres to Expo 2008, and you can get there in a number of ways: on foot, over the Bridge Pavilion, it is a 15-minute walk; on public transport; or using the cable car that takes you to the Water Tower in 10 minutes – tickets can be purchased together with entrance to the Expo. From the centre of the city it is a 30-minute walk. Another option is to go by boat from the pier at the El Pilar Basilica: it is a pleasant 15-minute ride along the Ebro River that will take you conveniently to the Expo site. There is no need to worry about the journey home either. While the Expo is on there will be extra public transport services both by day and by night.

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