It was a hundred percent humidity outside and the thought of walking felt like a wet blanket, both literally and figuratively. In the Philippines, a cab ride is nicely priced at around a buck. However, on that day I wanted an adventure. I got one when a jeepney, think the Partridge Family bus (only more colorful and outlandish) with benches running along the side of the bus for uniquely cramped and uncomfortable seating, ambled by.

At the time, pricing was about .15US (7.5 piso) and filled with locals going to works, kids, and people who appeared to be going nowhere. I sat next to a chicken. But this is the joy of public transportation and getting to be apart of everyday local doing their everyday things, even if it includes live chickens.

Go public
I recommend taking buses, subways, and yes! the crowded, knee against sweaty knee, jeepney. In general these forms of transport are cheap, which is always nice, but they are always the way most people get around.

While there are still tons more nuggets to share about getting that authentic experience, I will be switching gears to accommodate a killer trip to Thailand, starting tonight. ITKT fans will now get lots of great reason to want to visit Thailand. However, I will return to Authentic Experiences soon.