Roadside Greenland by Devin Galaudet for www.intheknowtraveler.comHistorically, I am the guy on the tour bus saying, "Pull over for a photo op. Okay?" I try to present my most sheepish grin to the driver who checks me out by his rearview mirror and has likely seen the view I am drooling over a million times. I can't help myself and as a budding photographer I am always on the lookout for the next memorable click. The driver slows and turns around without coming to a complete stop, hoping he didn't hear what he thought he did. His expression is one of deadline, not of art. Those around me begin to murmur about why we might be slowing down. I know what the driver wants to say, "We have to be in (fantastic destination of your choice) in twenty minutes and we have already stopped greenland19.jpgfor you once. However, the driver rarely says anything. I say, "Please and thank you" with a bad American accent and start marching toward the front of the bus with my SLR dangling from around my neck. I am hopeful and the bus comes to a halt. "Okay, only five minutes," he says. There are usually not too many groans from other passengers who probably saw the same photo opportunity, but didn't want to be a pest. I jump off the bus and will usually grab several shots and try several angles while I pretend I know exactly what I am doing. Fortunately there is always a couple of others clicking away next to me so I am not the only one delaying our ride.

In terms of photography, I have learned to be assertive, notice that I didn't say aggressive, with my shot-taking. I don't always get what I want when traveling and on the go, but when the opportunity arises I do not leave with the regret of not having asked.

Later, I will give the driver/tour guide an extra few bucks for the trouble.

Written and photograph by Devin Galaudet