What to Expect Traveling in Spain

Traveling in Spain

Visiting Spain

Spain has been welcoming millions of tourists from all over the world for decades. And with its heat, colorful history, friendly locals, and incredible food scene it's easy to see why. Traveling in Spain is an absolute must for any traveler, whether you're heading there for a family vacation, for a romantic trip, or as a solo adventure "“ check out hellocanvas.co.uk for some photo printing inspiration.

We all know what to expect from a visit to Spain. Good weather, great food, bustling markets, and plenty of sun-kissed beaches, but what shouldn't you expect? As a first-time visitor, you must have certain expectations and an understanding of how your host country operates. Read on for what you shouldn’t expect when you visit Spain!

Don't expect everyone to know English

This varies greatly, depending on where you're visiting. If you're heading to cities like Madrid and Barcelona, then you can expect a good level of English to be spoken by locals, which makes ordering food and drink a little easier. However, if you head into smaller towns or villages, you may find that their understanding of English isn't as good. Make sure you learn a few key phrases before you travel. It'll make your trip much more authentic.

Don't expect to eat an evening meal before 9 pm

Traveling in Spain 2In Spain lunch is considered the most substantial meal of the day, which is why there is such a gap between lunch and the evening meal, which is much lighter. Many Spaniards don't sit down for an evening meal until as late as 10 pm (in some regions even later), so don't expect to head out for a romantic evening meal and be done by 7 pm.

Don't expect the area to be free of crime

Like any holiday destination, you'll find that it attracts pickpockets, thieves, and opportunists. So, always be wary of flashing your belongings or cash when out and about.

Don't be suspicious when you get free food

Ordered a drink at the bar but received a plate of nibbles too? Don't worry! It's complimentary and many bars in Spain offer free snacks and plates of food to patrons. Olives, crisps, nuts "“ even tapas dishes!

Don't expect to get blind drunk

Spaniards are renowned to enjoy a caña or a vino or two during the day. It’s a more relaxed way of life, however, it’s worth noting that this attitude to drinking doesn’t promote the idea of getting blind drunk. In Spain, it’s OK to enjoy a drink, but be sensible and order some food to go with it.

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