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A Hidden Concert
in a Berlin Warehouse

It is a chilly Sunday evening in Berlin. Late October and the trees have shaken off their leaves. I shuffle my feet through piles of golden yellow and approach two steel doors with graffiti scrawled on them. Two smokers huddle in the cold, shifting from one foot to...

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Traveling in Spain? What not to Expect!

What to Expect Traveling in Spain Visiting Spain Spain has been welcoming millions of tourists from all over the world for decades. And with its heat, colorful history, friendly locals, and incredible food scene it’s easy to see why. Traveling in Spain is an absolute...

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Bucharest: What a difference a decade makes!

My first trip to Bucharest, twenty years after the end of Communism, and I’m among few tourists on streets that feel a tad threatening. Now, a decade later, I’m stunned to find Romania’s capital as inviting and ‘happening’ as any Western European city....

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4 Underrated Destinations Italy and Italy Tours

Places to go in Italy and Tours Most Everyone Misses Everyone knows Rome is amazing. After all, that’s why you have to wait in line to visit the Colosseum and stand shoulder to shoulder with other tourists in the halls of the Vatican. But what about the not-so-obvious...

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Greece: Highlights of Athens in One Day

Yes, I have just eight hours to see Athens and am pleasantly surprised at how much I am able to do. I climb to the top of the Acropolis and admire the four main structures up there. I wander the streets of Plaka, the old city, and even have time for lunch at a...

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Smallest Town in the World – Hum, Croatia

This year I spent my vacation in Istria, Croatia. As I'm not the biggest fan of the seaside, I decided to explore the inland. Earlier this year I also visited Tuscany, and after reading many articles comparing inland Istria to Tuscany I had to check it out for myself....

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The Scary Path in the Czech Republic

Haunted Jablůnka Candles light a path through the darkness of the forest floor and we creep forward, alert for the next horror awaiting us: witches, grim reapers, ghost brides, and a wolf behind the bushes. But the kids with us are brave. A skeleton sneaks up behind...

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Traveling to Andalusía, Spain

  Not many people have been to Andalusía, and much of it makes no difference to her and Spain. She's unique and special, with a special charm that is worth experiencing and retelling. I am happy to share some of my impressions of beautiful Andalusía. Seville,...

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