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Baba: Video Night on the Ganges

I hope I still have some of his hair on my headphones. They got tangled when he put them on to watch the video. His hair was wispy and dry as tinder: the sort of hair that would burn fast in a riverside cremation. His face was lined with age but boyishly handsome. It...

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The Famous Hanoi Train Street

I visited the energetic city of Hanoi, one of the most popular holiday destinations, last summer. Hanoi Train Street is one place that will never disappear from my travel memories. I had put Train Street at the top of the list of to-do attractions while planning the...

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Hanging with the Falafel Boys

"People here don't seem particularly friendly," my wife Mardena said. I didn't really want to hear it, but I couldn't disagree; I'd been thinking the same thing. It seemed like a lot of people we'd met in Israel most, admittedly, in travel related services like...

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The Hidden Cave of Thakhek, Laos

A Hidden Cave, Thakhek, Laos Near Thakhek, Loas The area around Thakhek, Laos, is notorious for it’s limestone karst mountains and beautiful caves. There is the Buddha Cave; a small cave halfway up a cliff face that was full of more than 200 Buddha statues when it was...

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A Trek to Mount Genyen – Eastern Tibet

Tibet has always been a dream for many travelers. Its giant snowy mountains, endless grasslands, lakes, rivers, as well as its unique local culture make this place like a magnet. It was a magnet for me too. Basically, I always try to travel to new places, to not...

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My Experience Teaching in Kathmandu

It was the spring of 2017. Having spent 6 months in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa before entering my university, I knew that I should be doing something abroad instead of sulking at home. But then, I had zero ideas on what to do, so I opened up and talked to...

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